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Ecumenical church group calls on Filipinos to ‘vote for peace’ on...

“As peace advocates, we ask the electorate to deeply discern from among the candidates ... if they are truly working for peace”

Ecumenical peace group urges Filipinos to ‘discern, vote for peace’ in...

“Voting for peace means choosing candidates who will work for a just and enduring peace,” read the group’s statement

Filipino faith in God ‘not deep enough’ to effect social change...

The Philippines is no better, "and sadly, even worse" than countries that do not have any Christian majority, said Bishop Broderick Pabillo

Philippine church groups renew call for resumption of peace talks

The groups said it is high time for warring parties to go back to the negotiating table and give peace a chance

Ecumenical group calls for peace amid pandemic

The Philippine Ecumenical Peace Platform (PEPP) has called on the government to concentrate on addressing the COVID-19 pandemic rather than parading its military might. "We...

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