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BALIK-TANAW: Towards a Just Society        

The gospel summons us to unite against evil and seek forgiveness to restore our relationship with God and our neighbor.

BALIK-TANAW: Witnesses of the Resurrected Christ in Today’s Context

A witness to Christ fearlessly proclaims the truth, sides with the masses, and pursues actions for just and lasting peace.

BALIK-TANAW: Kalayaang kaloob ni Kristo

I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul….I place my fate in the hands of Jesus. He is the captain of my soul!

The Parable of the Vineyard Workers and the plight of migrant workers

The parable challenges the day laborers, and all those in solidarity with them, to stand united and work for a better community and society

BALIK-TANAW: Follow Jesus

Suffering, injustice, poverty, hunger, homelessness, racism, discrimination, killings, and wars are everywhere! Where are we in this context?

BALIK-TANAW: A faith that crosses social boundaries

We are called to reach out and take on an accompanying role in the journey of our people toward healing and wholeness

BALIK-TANAW: Maintaining the balanced faith

We need a faith that challenges and rebukes the social realities that tossed up and down the lives of the poor and the vulnerable

BALIK-TANAW: Of treasures and salvation: How costly is to aspire for...

"People are labeled as ‘terrorists’ when they start negotiating for better jobs, services, and rights."

Church groups join protests as Marcos Jr. delivers State of the...

Church leaders, however, said that the “real state of the nation” is very evident in communities where hunger and poverty are prevalent

BALIK-TANAW: The regenerative word of God

The diversity of soil was good for different crops. Given the right conditions, they knew the prolific nature of their grains

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