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The Spirit of everyday holiness

We must allow the Spirit to prompt us to choose to carry another’s burden, even if we have the chance to carry only our own

Pentecost 2022: Full text of Pope Francis’ homily

"The Holy Spirit ... wants us to concentrate on the here and now, because the time and place in which we find ourselves are ... grace-filled"

Pope Francis urges Christians to always pray to Holy Spirit

The pope recommended that Catholics keep a copy on them of the “beautiful prayer that the Church recites on Pentecost”

Catechesis 101: Nakikita ba ang Holy Spirit?

Weeee … paano? Class, ang Holy Spirit ay spirit, hindi siya matter

Pentecost: ‘Be faithful to this call of the Holy Spirit!’

"If we do not live to be judged according to what Jesus tells us: "Because I was hungry and they gave me food, I was imprisoned and they visited me, a stranger and they received me," we will not get better .

Pentecost: ‘Please, I cannot breathe’

The Holy Spirit is "the breath of justice and accountability on those pinned down on their necks by cruel, heartless and inhuman systems of governance"

Pentecost: The Holy Spirit healer and liberator of humanity

In this pandemic, we must realize that we are called upon to be aware that we are God’s Image and we are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

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