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Philippines’ ‘drug war’ killings rise during pandemic, says Human Rights Watch

The report noted that the human rights situation in the Philippines worsened as the government imposed strict lockdown measures

ATC Resolution No. 12: one resolution too many, so don’t make...

We have more than enough resolutions to last another bloody year, so don’t make any this New Year.

Philippine Bible scholars express ‘indignation’ over spate of killings

“We worship God with our lips, but our hearts are far from Him. We are hypocrites!” said the organization of Scriptures experts

Filipino mother, son killed by policeman laid to rest

Critics said President Duterte's talk of killing criminals has emboldened police to commit and cover up murder

Lighting up the void

These last few weeks of Advent in the Philippines, scenes of horror and injustice have hogged the screens and pages of both traditional and...

Philippine Church leaders counter attempts to campaign for revival of death...

The revival of the death penalty “will not resolve the faults” in the country’s justice system

Youth group in Mindanao lights candle to protest police killing of...

Activists said the incident was not an isolated case, citing the spate of drug-related killings in the country in the past four years

Ang regalo ng pagpapakatotoo

Aba, ano’ng nangyari at biglang parang lumakas ang loob ng marami na MAGPAKATOTOO?

Philippine bishop notes ‘ingrained impunity’ in wake of police killing

The bishop said that murder is not only a sin against the victims and their families but is "both a sin and a crime that cries out to heaven”

Inheriting madness

This madness in the cultural psyche stems from crazed governance. The madness of fascism seeps down, even to children.

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