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Eliminating child labor a moral imperative

Poverty is the root cause of child labor. When families struggle to make ends meet, inevitably parents decide to send children to work.

Burdensome public transport restrictions amid lockdown

Jeepney drivers are probably the most adversely affected in the transport sector as they have not earned any income for the past three months

Philippines, Indonesia may suffer ‘shallow’ economic recovery until 2022

Economic experts expect both countries to see a delayed and shallow recovery with economies only returning to form in early 2022

PHOTOS: Joblessness forces Manila’s poor workers back to provinces

Workers from the province of Albay joined the exodus of jobless Filipinos out of the Philippine capital Manila in the wake of the pandemic

Church official warns of growing number of jobless Filipinos

Authorities announced that unemployment soared to 17.7 percent in April this year, equivalent to around 7.3 million jobless Filipinos

Philippine bishop calls for resumption of mass transport, help for drivers

Jeeps are still restricted to operate even after the easing of lockdown measures because of its seating design

‘Good Samaritan’ gives bike to elderly, reaps result of generosity

The "drama" was caught on a 54 second video posted on the bike shop's social media page, which immediately went viral

People more important than the economy, pope says about COVID crisis

The last time Pope Francis delivered his message and blessing from the window was March 1, before Italy imposed a lockdown

President Duterte highlights cash aid program in weekly report to Congress

President Duterte said about 17.6 million people have benefited from the social amelioration program of the government

Stimulus package bill inches way to becoming a law this month

The proposed law will allow the president to realign within six months items in the budget that cannot be utilized due to the pandemic

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