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Dead rivers: The cost of Bangladesh’s garment-driven economic boom

Environmentalists say growth has come at an incalculable cost, with a toxic melange of dyes, tanning acids and other dangerous chemicals

To bring down price of rice to 20 pesos per kilogram...

“If the plight of the farmers will not be addressed ... everyone else in the country will starve"

Famine and starvation to come from Putin’s war

The crises will grow worse and we can expect hardship ahead with more belt-tightening

Pope Francis calls for a Christian economy based on community

“The economy must be converted, it must be converted now. We have to convert from the liberal economy to the economy shared by people"

Liberate humanity from unbridled materialism

Let us liberate humanity, especially the Filipino people, from the quagmire of so much unbridled materialism and consumerism

Fresh protests rock Sri Lanka after police killing

Regular blackouts, acute shortages of food and fuel and record inflation have sparked increasing public discontent in the country

Indian sari weavers toil to keep tradition alive

Varanasi's hand-weavers have cultivated a reputation for excellence over centuries, specializing in intricate patterns

Obispo, nanawagan ng parusa sa mga sangkot sa smuggling ng agricultural...

Ayon kay Bishop Bancud, dapat pananagutin ang lahat na sangkot at ungkatin ang dahilan kung paano nakapasok ang smuggled products sa bansa

Crisis-hit Sri Lanka declares 36-hour nationwide lockdown

The ire of a mob in the near-bankrupt country was directed on Saturday at a woman identified as a soothsayer

Plenty of fish but no catch as Sri Lanka economic crisis...

The crisis has left vessels short of fuel in the ocean, and the repercussions are rippling down to dinner tables around the country

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