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Deaths of Asian migrant workers in Gulf states mostly ‘unexplained, unnecessary,’...

Government data on migrant worker deaths are fragmented, incomplete and inconsistent, says a report released by non-government groups

Pope Francis: The dying need palliative care, not euthanasia or assisted...

Pope Francis said the ethical principle of palliative care is valid not only for Christians but for everyone

Should Catholics talk to their dead loved ones?

The Church encourages Catholics to pray for the dead as one of the spiritual works of mercy

Si Maria at ang pag-asa sa gitna ng pandemya

Ang kapistahang ito ay nagbibigay ng pag-asa sa atin. Kung nasaan si Maria ay doroon din tayo.

Miracles of Justice

God never rejoiced in a meaningless “destruction of the living,” especially if the living are strongly inclined to destroying each other

Spotlight: Remembering the dead as we await our own ‘transitus’

By strengthening our faith and by looking in the eyes of death with hope, we can conquer fear

Remembering the dead as we await our own ‘transitus’

Happy would we be if we do not casually brush aside the thought or lose the opportunity to be reminded of death

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