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Philippines expects 5.6 million COVID-19 vaccine doses to arrive by end...

The Philippines, with more than half a million COVID-19 infections and over 10,000 deaths, aims to start immunizations this month

Spiritual immunity

We have much to learn from Jesus, the Exorcist, on how to deal with the intrusions of the evil one in our lives

Philippine Catholic bishops allay people’s fears about COVID-19 vaccines

The Church leaders said they are willing to be vaccinated in public "so that we can encourage people and remove their fears of vaccination”

Manila, Quezon City to open church facilities for use as vaccination...

Bishops Broderick Pabillo and Honesto Ongtioco said they are open to the idea of using church facilities in the vaccination drive

Most Filipinos still wary of COVID-19 vaccines’ safety, survey results show

At least 67 percent of respondents answered "safety" when asked about their “primary consideration” about COVID-19 vaccination

Indonesia set to pass 1 million coronavirus cases as vaccinations roll...

Deaths from the respiratory disease in the country are more than 28,000

Vatican urges global cooperation in COVID-19 vaccine efforts

International agreements must be promoted and supported to manage patents in order to facilitate everyone's access to vaccines

Priest worries over ‘strings attached’ in vaccine offer from mining firm...

The mining company MacArthur Iron Sand Project Corp. plans to donate money to help the local government purchase COVID-19 vaccines

Manila priests to decide on their own to receive COVID-19 vaccine...

The country's Catholic bishops has expressed support for the government’s efforts to prioritize poor communities in its vaccination program

Pope Francis, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI get COVID-19 vaccine

The Vatican, the world’s smallest state, began its vaccination program, prioritizing doctors, health workers, and the most vulnerable

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