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‘When politics is godless, political leaders turn to wickedness and the...

The separation of the Church and State does not mean separation of religious beliefs and public life

Options on the ground

Clergy and religious help to put into practice Pope Francis’ dream of a listening, dialogical and synodal Church

The Church’s prohibition on the clergy’s participation in partisan politics

All Christians and the whole Church “must be involved in the area of politics when Gospel values are at stake”

Can priests and religious endorse political candidates?

In practice, priests who run for public office need to renounce their ministerial functions or are suspended from exercising them

New Manila archbishop to maintain ‘open line’ with presidential palace

Cardinal Jose Advincula said protecting human rights will be one of his key missions

Activists warn against scope of Philippines’ new anti-terrorism law

Activists warned that the vagueness of the definition can qualify a priest who preaches Jesus' teachings as a threat to national security

Whose image?

The statement of Jesus has become timeless: every government is worth supporting, only to the extent that it serves the common good

When should the Church speak out?

The Church should speak out whenever the government disregards due process of law and suppresses legitimate dissent.

Priest stresses need for ‘critical collaboration’ of Church, State

Father Anton Pascual of Caritas Manila said the Church and State should always enter into “collaboration” and “dialogue.”

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