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Call to be a shepherd to one another in these challenging...

These are very challenging times: Jesus, the Good Shepherd needs to guide us to the green pastures of healing and hope.

Call to be a disciple is a call to confront evil

"Let each one of us start a spiritual pilgrimage of not colluding with dark forces of evil but have the courage to confront evil"

Asian bishops honor Indian Jesuit priest Stan Swamy as ‘martyr of...

Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, FABC president, said Father Swamy “redefined his priesthood, extending his altar to the streets and hills"

Be strong in faith, God will stand by you even if...

For the last five months, our faith is challenged. How to believe in a God when everything goes against God’s love in the reality?

Myanmar’s Cardinal Bo reiterates call for end to violence as thousands...

Cardinal Bo said Myanmar is experiencing “dark moments of challenges” as thousands "are in desperate need for food, medicine and shelter”

‘The old things have passed away; a new world has come....

"Let us believe. Let us hope. Let the God of Moses who walked with the Israelites in the desert lead us to the promised land."

Cardinal Bo expresses ‘anguish’ over attacks on churches, death of civilians...

The Catholic Church leader appealed to everyone to "kindly do not escalate the war"

Cardinal Bo’s message of peace for Myanmar on Divine Mercy Sunday

Good deeds are needed today everywhere and the Lord of Divine Mercy reminds us not to have faith that is not matched by deeds

Myanmar’s cardinal reiterates call for non-violence as protesters return to streets

“Let the dreams of democracy buried for the last two months in the graves of oppression be resurrected,” said Cardinal Bo on Myanmar

Cardinal Bo of Myanmar: The message of Easter is peace and...

"The message of the Cross is even your enemy needs liberation ... as much as you seek your own liberation from his brutal oppression."

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