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Christ’s presence in the Eucharist: An embodiment of creative patience

This faith teaches us simple things: Love one another. Be patient as your Heavenly Father is patient

Church in Myanmar ‘tested’ with ‘multi-layered challenges,’ says Cardinal Bo

Cardinal Bo said the pandemic, the military coup, the collapse of the economy, and climate changes are among the challenges Myanmar faces

The longest journey in life: from head to heart; from untruth...

The Bible is full of warnings about living a double life, and we’re told over and over again that we must practice what we preach.

Cardinal Bo of Yangon on the Solemnity of the Assumption of...

Along with her courage, we think of Mary’s humility, holding it up as a model of faithfulness in an age when humility is out of fashion

A time for grief, a time for gratitude, a time for...

This is a call to strengthen our human fellowship, our Eucharist of common tragedies, our cup that overflows with sorrows

Cardinal Bo: Multiply loaves of compassion; feed people with bread of...

These are apocalyptic times: starvation, struggle for oxygen, long queues in cemeteries and the persisting virus of conflict and poverty

Cardinal Bo of Myanmar thanks Filipino faithful for ‘solidarity’

"With grateful sentiments, we, the Myanmar Catholics, deeply appreciate the communion of the Church in the Philippines," said Cardinal Bo

Call to be a shepherd to one another in these challenging...

These are very challenging times: Jesus, the Good Shepherd needs to guide us to the green pastures of healing and hope.

Call to be a disciple is a call to confront evil

"Let each one of us start a spiritual pilgrimage of not colluding with dark forces of evil but have the courage to confront evil"

Asian bishops honor Indian Jesuit priest Stan Swamy as ‘martyr of...

Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, FABC president, said Father Swamy “redefined his priesthood, extending his altar to the streets and hills"

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