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People of solitude

“Ah, the lonely people, where do they all come from…where do they all belong?” This is what I call the negative solitude.

The Voice

God is creating new opportunities to open minds and hearts. He is also creating new avenues for his Word to be heard through many new voices.

Doomed to repeat history

The Gospel teaches us to value self-criticism as the Church teaches us to make a consciousness examination a regular routine

Afraid of God?

What you hear in the dark you must say in the light. The Evil One loves to move about in secrecy and lies. He is an expert in bullying and intimidation.

Survival of the weakest

Christianity defies the instinctive survival mode with its option for love and compassion in times of adversity.

And I took the road less traveled by

It is a value to look back in the sense of being grateful. But it is a disvalue to look back in the sense of getting stuck, of staying undecided, uncommitted.

Jesus the ‘terrorist’

Jesus accused leaders of his time of corruption and of turning religion into a business and an opportunity to suck out the blood of the poor

Pentecost: ‘Please, I cannot breathe’

The Holy Spirit is "the breath of justice and accountability on those pinned down on their necks by cruel, heartless and inhuman systems of governance"

Be not afraid

To make space for God is to say to the evil one, “Sorry, there is no space here for you.”

Work from home

Let us hope and pray that the pandemic will lead to the rebuilding of many homes, the empowerment to work from home

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