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Philippine Catholic bishops condemn ‘murderous and corrupt public order’

The Church leaders, however, called for “non-violent” actions, saying that it is “the only morally acceptable resistance.”

Pastoral message on the ‘culture of murder and plunder’ from northern...

The Church leaders urge the faithful to “resist” what they described as “a murderous and corrupt public order”

Church bells in Tuguegaro to toll daily for prayer to end...

The faithful are urged to unite themselves in a particular time of the day to pray for the stop of the spread of the virus

Philippine prelate says church people also to blame for environmental destruction

"We have to admit that we too … whether by commission or omission, have contributed to the problem," said Archbishop Ricardo Baccay

Priests told: ‘It’s what you do than what you say’

When it comes to the ministry of sanctifying, pastors need to lead their flock to the path of holiness

Archbishop Baccay of Tuguegarao receives sacred pallium

The woolen band that symbolizes unity with the pope and responsibility to care for the flock was blessed by Pope Francis on June 29 in Rome

Cagayan archbishop calls for dialogue, action to curtail flood disaster

“Something should be done and the approach that we are going to use is dialogue,” said Bishop Ricardo Baccay of Tuguegarao

Typhoon deaths rise as worst floods in 45 years hit northern...

Archbishop Ricardo Baccay of the Archdiocese of Tuguegarao has appealed for urgent help for those affected by the massive flooding

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