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Military bishop says Philippines’ anti-terrorism bill ‘offbeat’

President Duterte has until July 9 to act on the bill, which has been opposed by human rights groups, before it lapses into law

Philippines’ green activists join opposition to proposed anti-terror law

Environmental defenders are wary that the proposed law would target activists who protest against 'destructive projects'

Philippine church leaders call for defense of freedom on Independence Day

A network of church workers and rights advocates announced that they will join demonstrations against the proposed anti-terror law on June 12

Church unites vs anti-terror bill, creeping martial law

The proposed law allows the government to wiretap suspects, arrest them without warrants and detain them for 14 days, among other provisions

Borongan church body appeals to Samar legislator to withdraw vote for...

The Diocesan Commission on Social Action, Justice and Peace said the passage of the bill is tantamount to committing the 'Sin of Omission'

Philippine Catholic schools join clamor against anti-terror bill

Catholic educators decry several provisions of the proposed law that they said are in conflict with Catholic tenets of justice

Church groups warn against anti-terror bill, call on Duterte to veto...

Catholic and Protestant church groups warn of the possible negative impact on the public of the Philippines' proposed anti-terrorism law

Resistance is a moral choice

Pope Francis warned of “palliative activities" while waiting for everything to return to "normal" and ignoring the people who have fallen

Anti-terrorism bill may trample Philippine democracy

Critics of the proposed anti-terrorism law claim that it will cause the "further shrinking of democratic space" and "weaken public discourse"

Philippine church leaders join condemnation of anti-terror bill

Church leaders said while the fight against terrorism is necessary, respect for human rights must be of 'paramount consideration'

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