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Bishop Bagaforo welcomes Marcos as Agriculture chief to assess ‘state of...

“[Marcos] as agricultural secretary is good because that way he would have a firsthand assessment of the state of poverty of many"

Stop reinventing the wheel; build upon science studies

Building upon previous leaderships’ accomplishments guarantees quick results

Farmers express doubt over Marcos’ qualification as agriculture chief

“I think the problem is severe enough that I decided to take on the portfolio of Secretary of Agriculture," said Marcos

To bring down price of rice to 20 pesos per kilogram...

“If the plight of the farmers will not be addressed ... everyone else in the country will starve"

Okay, city boys, start planting, raising fish

Good idea. A city boy planting rice in his living room would take a hundred days to harvest.

Promote sustainable agriculture

Agriculture has only contributed .02% to the Gross Domestic Products (GDP) in the last decade in the Philippines

Restoring damaged land key to climate, biodiversity goals

Global food systems are responsible for 80 percent of deforestation and 70 percent of freshwater use, said a new UN report

Tens of thousands of farmers vow defiance over India laws

Tens of thousands of farmers vow to remain defiant against the government over controversial agriculture laws

Philippines approves commercial use of genetically engineered rice

Golden Rice will be initially deployed in areas with high prevalence of Vitamin A deficiency by the third quarter of 2022

NGO warns against impact of Philippines’ propagation of ‘golden rice’

The Bureau of Plant Industry has issued a biosafety permit on July 21 allowing local farmers to grow the "golden rice"

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