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World Communication Sunday

Annually, the Church celebrates the accomplishment of social communications the Sunday before the Pentecost. It is World Communication Sunday.

This provides opportunities to reflect and avenues to disseminate the gospel values and message. In this era of misinformation and downright disinformation, fake news is spread to malign someone’s character or for financial gain through sponsors or advertisements.

It is therefore important to have a discerning heart and one that is rooted in the Gospel to differentiate what is the truth from fake.

Why is it important for us followers of Christ to know well about communication? It is how the Lord revealed Himself to us.

So likewise, communication is important in order for us to reveal God’s nature and the essence of His love to others. If our minds and hearts are rooted in this, even us ordinary people can accomplish ordinary things.

Why? We will always be motivated by God’s unconditional love to be more caring to others. How so? By promoting peace instead of reading or spreading news that is damaging to someone’s reputation.

Volunteer at your community programs that will help the poor and the youth instead of criticizing economic policies. Commit ourselves to worthy causes instead of sitting idly at home and spending hours on social media without accomplishing anything.

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To love God genuinely and commit ourselves wholly to Him, we have to demonstrate the same love to one another, not only in words but more so in actions. This is what will make us different from the rest. 


Bishop of Antipolo and Parish Priest, International Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage

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