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Watch: ‘Up Close’ with Dr. Jayeel Cornelio on how faith impacts on Filipino life

Joe Torres, editor-at-large of LiCAS.news, speaks with Dr. Jayeel Cornelio, a professor of Sociology of Religion, on Filipino religiosity

Predominantly Catholic Philippines celebrates two major “fiestas” during the first month of the year — the “feast” of the Black Nazarene in Manila and that of the Child Jesus (Santo Niño) in Cebu.

The two “feasts” are very significant to the lives of Filipinos, influencing the way they practice their faith, how they view society, and how cultural practices evolved over time.

Join LiCAS News’ Joe Torres as he discusses these issues with Dr. Jayeel Cornelio, author and professor of Sociology of Religion at the Ateneo de Manila University.

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