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Perversions of faith in Philippine ‘war’ against drugs

Duterte frequently casts aspersions on matters of faith, especially when this runs counter to his worldview of governance

Death comes in the early afternoon for ‘drug war’ victim

Human rights groups claimed that the death toll in the Philippines 'war' against illegal drugs could be upwards of 27,000

Law enforcement scandals strip bare fatal flaws in Philippines’ drug war

This week's resignation of the Philippines' national police chief after facing withering fire over his role in the alleged "recycling" of seized narcotics comes...

Under Duterte, retribution fuels death penalty by executive fiat

Retribution is, at best, a questionable goal in societies with lopsided access to economic, political and social rights

Grieving Filipino mothers seek support from Pope Francis

Victims of social injustices seek help from the Church that 'sides with the poor and with the most abandoned'

Philippine church leader says charges against bishops ‘beyond belief’

Bishops charged with allegedly plotting to destabilise President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration

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