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Bangkok ‘taxi graveyard’ comes to life with mini-gardens

Tiny green-brown frogs squat croaking in the tropical heat on makeshift ponds fashioned out of old tires, tucked in among abandoned cars

Catholics in Thailand getting ready for Church’s ‘synodal process’

Cardinal Kriengsak of Bangkok said Thailand’s bishops will undergo a “period of discernment” on propositions they will receive from dioceses

Bangkok’s amulet market continues to thrive despite pandemic

Amulets are objects not only for collecting and trading, but are also at the heart of a growing trade

Thousands join protest in Bangkok demanding prime minister’s resignation

The demonstration at the Asoke intersection in central Bangkok was one of the biggest such gatherings this year

Thai priests respond to pope’s call, lead efforts to bring food...

Thailand's has seen a spike in COVID-19 cases and deaths, prompting tougher containment measures to be extended this month

Thai police clash with protesters near PM’s residence

Thailand's youth-led anti-government protest movement appears to have regained momentum and its support has broadened

Thai volunteers provide lifeline to elderly, sick cut off by pandemic

Thailand's hospitals are being inundated with the country's biggest wave of infections so far

Thai police clash with protesters at anti-government rally

At least six police officers were injured during the clashes, with one officer shot in the leg and three others hit by shrapnel

Bangkok archdiocese converts Catholic school into field hospital, isolation ward

"The more humanity suffers, the more we need love, mercy and sharing,” said the Archbishop of Bangkok

Penguins at Thai zoo missing visitors due to lockdown

Thailand is fighting its biggest COVID-19 outbreak yet and has introduced strict movement curbs that have seen many public places shuttered

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