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Pope Francis’ Lenten message: Addiction to digital media can hurt human...

Pope Francis underlined that Lent is a time to actively seek out those in need to offer charity and share the love of God

IPOPHL to candidates: Respect IP law, seek permission from copyright holders

With social media now becoming the battleground for political marketing, IPOPHL is watching developments on various social media platforms

Weder-weder lang ang kapangyarihan, kahit ng media

Ang ebolusyon ng media at papel nito sa lipunan ay hindi talaga ebolusyon na mabagal kundi rebolusyong nangyayari sa kisap-mata

Bishop David urges Filipinos to fight disinformation ahead of national elections

The initiative brings together various sectors to promote truth in public spaces and exact accountability from those who spread lies

Twitter suspends hundreds of accounts promoting Bongbong Marcos

More than 300 accounts had been removed "for violating our platform manipulation and spam policy," Twitter said in a statement

Google to stop election ads ahead of May 2022 Philippine national...

Alarm has been raised over the use of targeted political advertising, especially disinformation campaigns to sway voters

Asian Church communicators stress need for ‘transparent media’ during pandemic

Signis Asia stressed the need for 'responsible dissemination of information' as misinformation and disinformation have become rampant

Pope to Swedish Academy: Social media promotes monologue instead of dialogue

“The pervasive growth of social media risks replacing dialogue with a welter of monologues, often aggressive in tone”

‘New world order’: Asia’s virtual influencers offer metaverse glimpse

Artificial intelligence creations are establishing a foothold worldwide in the lucrative influencer market

Facebook parent, Meta, to take religion, politics, race out of ad...

Starting January 19, apps in the Meta family will no longer offer advertisers the option to target people based on their interest in causes

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