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Pope Francis’ urges Catholics to pray for global financial markets

Pope Francis urged the faithful to pray "to prevent the poor from paying the consequences" of "financial speculation"

Press freedom five years down the road

It is crucial to the understanding of freedom of the press that no power, however bloodthirsty...can divorce press freedom from social justice

The road that must be taken

It is in the “suffering” in social action that we can courageously admonish those who are unjust to become just

The ‘Body of Christ’ is risen through actions for God’s justice...

If we are willing to be challenged to continue what Jesus did ... then is it not true that we – the Body of Christ – is indeed risen again?

Carlito’s Way: A journey from Manila’s streets to a chapel for...

“They helped and cared for me. Now, I want to stay and work here so that I can help and care for others,” said Carlito

Holy Week Introspection: Social justice as faith in God

The Holy Week reminds us why we believe in Christ, that is, to speak for those who are systematically forced and bludgeoned into silence

The silence of God and the loudness of evil

God will not capitulate to the ways of the great pretender and deceiver who bullies his way around by building his tower of Babel

Am I my brother’s keeper?

Charity and justice are not whims, nor impulses, nor fleeting inspirations; charity and justice are social obligations

Desperately seeking Christ amidst Christendom’s pomp

Perhaps a genuine return to Jesus’ life and works will give Filipino Christians greater confidence to hold governments to these standards

Philippine bishop appeals order to kick out Dutch missionary

De Vries, a 62-year-old Church worker from The Netherlands, has been ordered out of the country for joining anti-government demonstrations

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