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US priest used wrong baptism words for 26 years

For 26 years, the priest had been performing the sacrament with the words, "We baptize you," instead of "I baptize you"

Pope Francis baptizes babies in Sistine Chapel for first time since...

As in previous years, the pope told parents not to worry if their babies made loud noises during the ceremony

The conversion of Jesus (and ours, too)

Baptism has never been about celebratory self-assertion; it has always been about conversion

Spirit and fire

If we participate in the life of Christ, we must also participate in the mission of Christ, which is to share his SPIRITED LIFE

Cardinal Tagle reminds faithful not to reduce Sacrament of Baptism to...

Cardinal Tagle, prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, told parents that baptism is the beginning of a journey of faith

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