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The apostles have taught us how to be positive carriers of the Good News of Christ—by inviting us to take part in his redeeming mission

A simple reflection on an Ordinary Sunday

Think about those 50 years after Jesus’ death and what it must have been like for Jesus’ disciples.

People of solitude

“Ah, the lonely people, where do they all come from…where do they all belong?” This is what I call the negative solitude.

Afraid of God?

What you hear in the dark you must say in the light. The Evil One loves to move about in secrecy and lies. He is an expert in bullying and intimidation.

They shall see God

"...the very first person who saw God in the human Jesus was no less than his own mother ... but she 'kept it in her heart'"

On holiness (Second of Two Parts)

Holiness need not be set on a grand stage of earth-shattering events in which so many people have been converted or were brought to the faith.

On holiness (First of Two Parts)

As Christians, we must be mindful not only of our obligations to God for ourselves, but also of our obligations to God insofar as being responsible for others is concerned.

Love liberates

Mother's Day is the day we are reminded what mothers are to us — ilaw ng tahanan, the light of the home.

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