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Jailed Duterte critic celebrates ‘moral victory’ after court dismisses case

Duterte's spokesman, Harry Roque said De Lima had no reason to celebrate because she remains in jail

Duterte defends purchase of Chinese COVID-19 vaccine

The Philippines has locked in 25 million doses of China's Sinovac vaccine, with the first 50,000 expected to arrive in February

Duterte orders stop to all mining operations in Tawi-Tawi province

The president has also ordered to step up the rehabilitation of the area “by planting more trees and other efforts of rehabilitation”

2020: The Year of Farcical Thinking

To remain gullible, to forget and reject the things of the mind, to stay uncritical, may prove to be our biggest hurdle yet

Year in Review: Killings continue as more military men hold government...

The president’s generals are all extremely well-educated and there is little doubt of their intelligence, but they share a fatal flaw

Monstrous entitlement

The biggest minefield is the worldview that a cabal of abusive men can run roughshod over laws and shove aside rightful authorities

Faith-based group hits reported vaccination of top gov’t officials, military

Critics said the “illegal” and “selective vaccination” shows “an exclusivist attitude by the Duterte administration”

Church leaders welcome international court report on Philippine rights situation

The ICC Office of the Prosecutor noted that there is “a reasonable basis to believe" that "crimes against humanity" were committed

Witch hunt spikes as specter of accountability haunts Duterte

Nothing has dented the spirit of the country’s human rights defenders

Duterte vows not to talk with communist rebels ‘ever again’

The Communist Party of the Philippines said the president’s declaration “comes as no surprise"

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