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‘Ritual remembrance’ of 1986 ‘People Power’ and the ‘Church of the...

People power has become an integral part of the Philippine political tradition, because of the form it took and the result it achieved

Jailed Duterte critic celebrates ‘moral victory’ after court dismisses case

Duterte's spokesman, Harry Roque said De Lima had no reason to celebrate because she remains in jail

Houston, we have a problem: 2022 and beyond

Observations of the political situation facing the country as 2022 draws near

Philippine court junks Marcos’ electoral protest against vice president

The Supreme Court "unanimously dismissed the electoral protest" filed by Marcos against Robredo

Colmenares and his amazing version of the Theory of Relativity

'We must do the right things for the right reasons in the right way by the right persons at the right time.'

The truth is out there: Navigating the internet and self-respect

More than better leaders, we deserve to go back to the basics of the social contract, which is, among others, self-respect

Philippine bishops question timing of moves to amend 1987 Constitution

The country's Catholic Church leaders said it is not yet time to amend the 1987 Philippine Constitution

Manila bishop welcomes perjury case against accuser

Retired Bishop Teodoro Bacani Jr. said he wanted to know the people behind the allegations made by Peter Joemel ‘Bikoy’ Advincula

Catholic lay organization calls on Philippine legislators to leave Constitution alone

Legislators supported resolutions giving Congress the flexibility to amend the restrictive economic provisions in the 1987 Constitution

The ‘globalization of compassion’ in the fight against COVID-19

Unless corruption and the pandemic are addressed with sustainable effort, no amount of economic amendments to the Constitution will ensure our survival

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