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President Duterte announces retirement from politics

The tough-talking leader has not yet announced his preferred successor, but many expect it will be his daughter, Sara

Priest reminds politicians to examine motives in running for office in...

Father Secillano expressed hope that the “One Godly Vote” campaign will provide Filipino voters guidance to elect their leaders

Civil society coalition endorses Vice President Robredo as presidential candidate

The vice president is yet to announce her decision whether to run or not for an elective post next year

Youth groups call for extension of voters’ registration for next year’s...

An estimated 11 million Filipino voters are still not registered for the 2022 national elections

Relatives of drug war victims alarmed by Duterte’s talk of staying...

Duterte's critics believe the prospect of losing immunity after the end of his term makes him keen to run for vice-president

Look at Jesus’ leadership style, bishop tells voters

In Christ, the goal of leadership is not to grab power but to serve, and he did it with humility, selfless love, and compassion

Philippine Church leaders urge young people to register for next year’s...

Comelec has earlier said it is unlikely to extend the nationwide registration period beyond the Sept. 30, 2021, deadline

Philippine President Duterte says running for vice president next year ‘good...

Opinion polls show Duterte remains hugely popular in the Philippines, despite the drugs war death toll

Philippine police chief warns vote buying in 2022 polls may go...

Philippine elections are frequently marred by vote buying as many politicians woo people with offers of cash, food and other giveaways

Church poll watchdog asks help of Philippine dioceses to encourage voter...

The PPCRV announced that it will formally ask the dioceses to help raise awareness on the importance of voting

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