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Philippine jobless rate eases as economy reopens from lockdown

October's 8.7 percent unemployment rate, equivalent to 3.8 million jobless people, was below the record 17.6 percent in April

Philippine economic managers optimistic of recovery from impact of pandemic

The government has approved measures to further open up the economy in the fourth quarter, subject to enforcing minimum health standards

Planting rice not anymore fun for Filipino farmers due to disasters,...

The rice liberalization law resulted in the country's "total reliance" on a very limited market for food security

Faith-based group raises concern over Philippines’ ‘inadequate’ health budget

The group warned that the tiny budget allocation for healthcare and social protection will result in the denial of services to the poor

Catholic religious, civil society groups seek global response to debt problems

The Association of Major Religious Superior joined NGOs in calling on international financial institutions for financial relief

It’s better to give than to barter, says Catholic priest in...

Barter communities in the country have earlier expressed opposition to proposals to impose tax on bartered goods

2021 National Budget: Tightening the belt in the wrong places

Where would the 2021 national budget of Php4.506 trillion go once it’s approved?

Millions of adult Filipinos lose jobs due to coronavirus pandemic —...

The survey said that 45.5 percent of the country’s adult population have become jobless, half of whom lost their jobs during the pandemic

‘Hammer and dance’ strategy vs Covid-19 isn’t working

To understand what's been going on, it is important to review what the government has done since the public health crisis began

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