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Philippines vows to sustain efforts agains online sexual exploitation of children

The Philippines has been lauded for becoming a "model" on how to combat and end the online sex exploitation of children

A call for action against abuse of children online

More resources have to be devoted to detecting and apprehending child abusers and increasing the penalties for crimes against children

Philippine courts convict 103 offenders of online sex abuse of children

The Philippines has been a global hotspot for OSEC, with close family friends or neighbors of rescued victims as perpetrators

The explosion of child abuse online

Unless there is less talk and more direct positive action to curb online sexual abuse of children, it will only continue to get worse

Philippine Church resolute in fight vs child abuse

The Church needs to work closely with law enforcement and concerned citizens to bring to justice those engaged in child exploitation

Philippine bishop joins calls against sex abuse of children

Bishop Ruperto Santos of Balanga said human traffickers and sexual offenders are the "worst and venomous virus on earth."

Child rights group warns against online sex abuse of children

Child Rights Network warned against the growing number of cases of online sexual exploitation of children amid the coronavirus pandemic

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