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Filipino children among most exposed to online threats worldwide, says study

“The [Philippines] comes second after Thailand, where children are highly exposed to online risks," said the report

Child sexual abuse: Crime on the internet

It’s a challenge to all to accept that this heinous crime is a common event, a secret crime, in families, in the streets

Child rights advocates laud passage of anti-online child sexual exploitation bill

HB 10703 also expands the legal mantle of protection for children against physical sexual abuse and exploitation

Opposing violence against women and children

Reporting sexual abuse and saving the victims with protection and therapy with legal action by victims is essential to fight abuse

Filipino survivor of online sexual exploitation bags international leadership award

Ruby received the award “for using her voice to help fuel a global movement to end the online sexual exploitation of children”

Understanding youth and fighting social evil

The institutional Church seems to have abandoned its duty to protect and stand for human rights and children’s and family rights and dignity

The global reach of child abuse via the web

The public must realize that the transmission of child abuse images and live streaming of abuse videos is going on and allowed by ISPs

Parents and the Internet for good and bad

The smart phone, while it can be used for education and learning and positive and inspiring communication, has its dark dangerous side

Child Rights Network welcomes Senate approval of bill on online sexual...

The proposed measure expands the protection for Filipino children “in the increasingly perilous online world”

Philippines vows to sustain efforts agains online sexual exploitation of children

The Philippines has been lauded for becoming a "model" on how to combat and end the online sex exploitation of children

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