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Photo story: Philippine churches open doors to victims of volcano eruptions

Priests and missionaries say they could be hosting evacuees for two to three months, or maybe up to six months

Help for victims of Philippine volcano eruption pours in

At least 566 volcanic earthquakes have been felt since Jan. 12 when Taal Volcano first erupted

Philippine volcano eruption reminds us nature has the power to create...

In times of disaster, it’s interesting to see different people instinctively conjuring different interpretations of what it means to have a meaningful death

Mindanao peace group provides masks to people affected by volcanic eruption

From one disaster-affected area to another, help comes in various ways

Philippine churches swing into action to help victims of volcanic eruption

Aid efforts lauded, but church leaders say more needed to help afflicted

Photo gallery: Thousands of Filipinos flee from erupting volcano

The country's volcanology institute has already warned that a hazardous eruption may happen within hours or days

Church leaders call for help, prayers as Philippine volcano erupts

Church groups have been instructed to provide support to the government in evacuation and relief operations

Few hear climate ‘wake up call’ after Jakarta’s deadly flood

At least 60 people were killed after the rains on New Year's Day, Indonesian authorities said on Saturday evening

Indonesia plans cloud seeding to halt rain, floods death toll rises...

Deluge at the start of 2020 was ‘one of the most extreme rainfall’ events since records began in 1866

Pope Francis prays for Philippine typhoon victims

Typhoon Phanfone carved the same path as devastating Haiyan that hit in 2013

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