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Coronavirus hits Malaysian rubber glove giant

Outbreak in factory dorm highlights Top Glove’s treatment of migrant workers

Malaysia called to free children from immigration detention

More than 700 children being held in immigration detention facilities nationwide, gov't says

Malaysia lets undocumented migrants work but hardship fears persist

Undocumented migrants can sign up to work in construction, plantations, agriculture and manufacturing, or choose to return to home countries

Malaysia denies UN access to detained asylum seekers, says refugee agency

Thousands of undocumented foreigners have been rounded up in what authorities say are efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19

Malaysian politicians put power before people in Sabah

Lawmakers throw caution to the wind, hold a state election and ignite an explosion in COVID-19 cases

Muslims have a right to ‘kill millions of French people,’ says...

Malaysia's former premier made his comments on the same day a knife-wielding Tunisian killed three people in a Catholic church in France

Pope Francis expresses ‘sadness’ over death of Cardinal Fernandez of Malaysia

The pope expressed his gratitude for Cardinal Fernandez’s "faithful witness to the Gospel" and his "generous service to the Church"

Malaysia’s first cardinal, Anthony Soter Fernandez, dies at 88

Cardinal Fernandez was known to be one of the architects of the 1976 “pastoral renewal” of the local Church in Malaysia

US palm oil import ban opens can of worms in Malaysia

While human rights organizations focus on the plight of migrant workers, Malays face a dismal future

Widespread hate speech: Anti-migrant sentiment fanned on Facebook in Malaysia

Surge of anti-Rohingya comments on the social media platform shows how xenophobic speech persists in the country

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