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In this season of Lent, we must never dare refuse a call by God to do a mission and offer our lives in sacrifice for him

Tough love

Tough love involves a lot of mentoring in the determination to continue pursuing one’s goals in life even in the midst of adversity

A time of grace, spiritual nourishment, and self-purification

Even before we could escape the lockdown of COVID, we are locked into hopelessness and despair through the coup - Cardinal Bo

Philippine Catholic bishops’ message for Lent: Be not afraid to carry...

'We are not afraid to carry our cross because we are confident of our own resurrection'

Photos: Pandemic affects Philippines’ Ash Wednesday tradition

The coronavirus pandemic has affected not only the lives of Filipinos but even their traditional religious practices

US faithful mark Ash Wednesday from a distance

Communities of faith in the US have grown more creative to reach congregants hungry for spiritual and social connections

Pope Francis starts Lent as Ash Wednesday rites scaled back for...

During Lent, which ends with Easter, Christians are called on to fast, practice more good deeds, give alms, among others

Lent is time for acts of gratitude, archbishop reminds Filipino faithful

“It is not about what we give up. It is saying ‘thank you’ for everything that makes us holy," says Archbishop Socrates Villegas

400 days of Lent?

“This is the fasting that I want: that you share your bread with the hungry, shelter the oppressed and the homeless...”

The Lenten life

The season of Lent reminds us that there is A GREATER LIFE TO BE LIVED, a life made so precious by the victory on Calvary

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