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Ang ‘mabuti’ sa ‘Good Friday’

Sa Good Friday, ibinuwis ng Diyos ang kanyang buhay alang-alang sa ating lahat na kanyang minamahal

Holy Week Introspection: Social justice as faith in God

The Holy Week reminds us why we believe in Christ, that is, to speak for those who are systematically forced and bludgeoned into silence

The silence of God and the loudness of evil

God will not capitulate to the ways of the great pretender and deceiver who bullies his way around by building his tower of Babel

Albay bishop orders temporary closure of popular pilgrim site

The Shrine of the Divine Mercy and the Stations of the Cross in Ligao’s Tuburan village will be closed “until further notice"

The gift

Since only God’s grace can help us achieve it, the harmony of the kingdom of God is thus, a precious gift

Philippine religious leaders remind police to abstain from violence during Lent

The religious leaders issued the call in the wake of killings involving policemen and the shooting of a city mayor in the central Philippines

Exhortation and example

The story of Jesus is the story of a courageous attempt to concretize the justice and peace of his Father’s kingdom


In this season of Lent, we must never dare refuse a call by God to do a mission and offer our lives in sacrifice for him

Tough love

Tough love involves a lot of mentoring in the determination to continue pursuing one’s goals in life even in the midst of adversity

A time of grace, spiritual nourishment, and self-purification

Even before we could escape the lockdown of COVID, we are locked into hopelessness and despair through the coup - Cardinal Bo

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