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Head of Catholic bishops’ conference calls for concerted action for environment

"The earth is our one and only home; and our creator has entrusted it to our care as his stewards,” said Bishop David

Green activists, faith-based groups call for pro-environment, pro-poor actions

“There is a greater need to understand what our responsibility is to Mother Nature,” said Bishop Jose Colin Bagaforo of Caritas Philippines

Church, green groups mark 7th Laudato si’ Week observance

The observance is an “opportunity to exercise the genuine sense of Catholicity by reaching out to other fellow Christians"

Faithful reminded to continue caring for environment as Church observes Laudato...

Laudato si’ Week celebrates the seventh anniversary of Pope Francis' encyclical on the care of creation

When will Filipinos listen to the cries around them?

It is impossible to implement effective climate and environmental action without taking into account social justice

Earth Day is to Protect and Celebrate Life

Most people are unaware and do not appreciate the complexity of the interdependence of all life forms on earth

What happened 36 years after ‘People Power’ uprising?

The narrative is being rewritten to slowly take away the capacity of citizens to engage under our current systems

Manila parish, green groups warn against ‘false solutions’ to climate crisis

Father John Leydon of the group Laudato Si Movement called for “bolder actions (against plastic) now that we are facing a climate crisis”

‘Nothing but an emission of hot air’

Pope Francis said the world needs “a new ecological approach that can transform our way of dwelling in the world"

Global powers urged to go further after UN climate deal

India and China weakened the language of the final text, forcing tears and an exasperated apology from Britain's COP26 president

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