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ASEAN in talks to bar Myanmar junta chief from summit; US...

ASEAN members have voiced disappointment over the Myanmar junta's reluctance to abide by a five-point plan reached by the group in April

President Biden expected to meet Pope Francis at end of October,...

Sources told CNA on September 25 that their information came directly from the Prefecture for the Pontifical Household

Vatican ‘worried’ over nuclear rearmament in Indo-Pacific region

Nuclear weapons “are not the way to maintain peace and security ... but they create even more dangers for peace," said Cardinal Parolin

Philippine-US military treaty needs comprehensive review, says defense chief

Defense Secretary Lorenzana said there was a need to "upgrade" and "update" the alliance to make clear the "extent of American commitments"

Vatican backs cooperation, friendship in Korean Peninsula, says Cardinal Parolin

South Korea and North Korea have been engaged in dialogue for decades since the Korean Peninsula was divided

Pope Francis defends Vatican deal with China, says dialogue necessary

Critics tried to convince the Vatican to abandon the pact, saying it compromised the pope's moral authority

ASEAN appoints Brunei diplomat as envoy to Myanmar

The envoy has been tasked with ending violence in Myanmar and opening dialogue between the military rulers and their opponents

Risking China’s anger, Blinken meets representative of Dalai Lama in India

The meeting was one of the most conspicuous contacts between US and Tibetan officials since President Obama met the Dalai Lama in 2016

Philippines to probe report of Chinese sewage-dumping at sea

Satellite images show damage caused by untreated human waste from Chinese vessels, according to reports

Duterte calls allegation of China election influence ‘nonsense’

Duterte's spokesperson described the remarks by a former Foreign Affairs secretary as "nonsense"

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