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Philippine tribal group starts global campaign to protect ancestral lands

The Cordillera People’s Alliance seeks broad support to protect ancestral lands in the Cordillera region from “environmental plunder"

Disney’s Mulan draws flak for filming in China’s Xinjiang region

Corporate giant has been accused of ‘profiteering in the shadow of concentration camps’

AI warns violence between state forces, rebels puts tribal people’s lives...

Harassment of communities are reportedly perpetrated both by the military and the rebels, resulting in internal displacement

International group decries attacks on Philippines’ tribal people

The Indigenous Peoples Rights International condemned what it called a “series of attacks” allegedly perpetrated by state forces

Undoing injustice and helping indigenous communities

The sacred rights of indigenous people that have occupied and peopled the Philippine lands and forests are trampled upon and ignored.

Aetas of Tarlac vow to defend tribe’s ancestral land from government’s...

“Land is more valuable than money,” said an Aeta tribal elder. "With this land, we will never run out of fruits and vegetables."

Mindanao’s tribal children have no school to go back to this...

Authorities have earlier closed 176 tribal schools in Mindanao and have threatened to close 40 more for various reasons

Philippine Independent Church launches online help desk for tribal people

The program aims to provide tribal people and advocates a platform to report and seek assistance on human rights violations and attacks

Teachers exorcise spirit of ignorance in tribal village amid challenges brought...

With the coronavirus pandemic, teachers in tribal communities face the challenge of implementing distance education

Moro, tribal peoples file petition against Philippines’ anti-terror law

The tribal groups said the future they envision “will not emerge as long as the anti-terror law remains in place”

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