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COP26 negotiators urged to consider impacts of summit on humanitarian work

“The climate crisis is adding an additional layer of stress to humanitarian organizations"

Philippine diocese builds ‘disaster-resilient permanent houses’ for typhoon victims

Each house is worth US$1,800, enough to build a three-meters-by-six-meters structure that is made of concrete walls and a concrete slab roof

Philippine faith-based aid agencies call for ‘paradigm shift’ in humanitarian response

Charity organizations called on those involved in humanitarian response to “empower poor communities” to become local responders to crisis

Church, aid groups wary over anti-terror law provision that limits help...

The groups said the measure “gives broad powers to the implementors of the law in selecting which groups can provide aid” to communities

Church aid agencies prepare for ‘new normal’ in humanitarian response

The 'new normal' demands stronger collaboration and cooperation among humanitarian aid agencies, including faith-based organizations

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