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‘Washing of the Feet’ ritual to be simplified; Legazpi diocese to...

Instructions from the Vatican and the Philippine bishops' conference allow a number less than 12 to represent the apostles

A case for Judas Iscariot

We tend to accumulate and keep different images and concepts of God, many of which are false, distorted and erroneous

Philippine green groups appeal for break from trash during Holy Week

The faithful are urged to explore and embrace practices that will help reduce the generation of trash in households and communities

Jerusalem’s Holy Sepulchre church opens to public on Palm Sunday

With more than half the population of Israel having received two vaccine doses, coronavirus restrictions were eased

Filipino bishop urges faithful to ‘spread messages of hope’ amid pandemic

The Philippines recorded 10,016 new coronavirus infections on March 29, the third record daily spike in cases over the past five days

Holy Week Introspection: Da Vinci and The Last Supper

This Holy Week, let’s recall the days when Christianity was an outlawed faith, its Messiah falsely accused and killed by a tyrannical empire

Philippine capital placed under lockdown; religious gatherings banned during Holy Week

Filipino Catholics urged to pray "fervently and unceasingly" for an end to the pandemic as COVID-19 cases continue to rise

Photos: Filipino Catholics usher in Holy Week with show of piety...

The tradition of weaving the "palaspas" from young coconut palm leaves, locally called "ibus," dates back to the pre-Hispanic era

The silence of God and the loudness of evil

God will not capitulate to the ways of the great pretender and deceiver who bullies his way around by building his tower of Babel

They who paint Jesus

“The true image of Christ can only be visualized through one’s own personal faith”

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