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Church leaders appeal to SMC stockholders to oppose fossil gas project...

Caritas Philippines appeals to SMC stockholders to take action and oppose plans to expand the corporation’s fossil gas power projects

Climate activists protest Japanese financial institution’s support for fossil fuel projects

Climate activists call on Japan's SMBC to plug the "numerous loopholes in its coal sector policies"

Climate justice, civil groups score victory against fossil gas project in...

They said the fight against the LNG project in Bataan is "far from being over,” adding that people should remain vigilant

Climate activists call on Asian Development Bank to stop funding fossil...

Among multilateral development banks, ADB stands out as one of the biggest lenders to the region's fossil fuel-dominated energy sector

Earth Day 2022: Residents protest plan to build new fossil gas,...

Activists said the development of the projects will be “at the cost of the richness of the [area] and all livelihood dependent on it”

Philippine frontline communities demand higher air standards, end to use of...

Greenpeace said the best way to address the air pollution from the energy sector is to transition to renewable energy sources

Church, green groups demand termination of fossil gas projects in Luzon

At least three Catholic bishops and more than 30 faith-based and civil society groups signed the demand letter

Catholic bishop hits proposed gas-powered facility in central Philippines

Bishop Alminaza of San Carlos said the use of fossil fuels as energy sources “are specifically identified as forms of tyranny over creation”

Faith-based, green groups warn against Philippines’ plan to use more fossil...

Philippine Congress has recently opened discussions on proposals to resume drilling activities to find more sources of fossil gas

Climate activists urge Asian countries to commit to fossil fuel-free region

The activists called on China "to take decisive steps and pave the way for a fossil fuel-free Asia"

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