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A blessed life

To live a blessed life is to be aware of God’s wonderful deeds in our lives

Cardinal Bo of Yangon on the Solemnity of the Assumption of...

Along with her courage, we think of Mary’s humility, holding it up as a model of faithfulness in an age when humility is out of fashion

Mother of Prophets

Is it not true that every mother is prepared to fight and die just to protect her children?

Pope Francis: Mary’s Assumption was a ‘giant leap for mankind’

Pope Francis said Mary’s assumption into Heaven was an infinitely greater achievement than man’s first steps on the moon.

Ark of the New Covenant

We are given assurance that in Mary, we see an anticipation of the fullness of glory, if we learn to live up to the greatness of God

Mary’s search for the vaccine of justice

God as justice is what the humble virgin from Nazareth would proclaim in her encounter with Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist

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