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Is there an ‘ecological pathway’ in the synodal process?

The hope of a changed Church is a necessity, from the many scandals and errors plaguing the Church

‘The Greed Line’

“Anthropo-cene” is "anthropo-sin" (s-i-n) or "ecological sin" and is about the harm, destruction, plunder, and poisoning of Creation

On ecological sin

It is high time for the Christian Church to revisit the concept of human stewardship of God’s garden in our sacred tents

Ecology ministry in parishes

While PCP II explicitly defines the setting up of an ecology desk in social action centers, there have been proposals to make it a “ministry”

Pope Francis decries ‘predatory attitude’ to planet, calls for ‘new ecological...

Pope Francis called for an end to the attitude that “makes us feel that we are masters of the planet and its resources”

Cardinal Tagle, Philippine Church leaders reiterate call for ‘ecological conversion’

Cardinal Tagle said everyone must give a “pledge of action” to allow “the environment a break from all our demands and wants”

Philippine faith-based group to launch online ‘Laudato si’ program

The “40-day inner journey” into Laudato si’ aims to encourage Filipinos “to perform concrete ecological actions”

Philippine church agency prepares communities for post-pandemic scenario

Caritas Philippines initiated a program that aims to ensure food security in communities after the coronavirus pandemic.

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