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Duterte’s defeatism leaves Filipinos leaderless against COVID-19

The Philippine president should avoid making outrageous claims in press conferences he likes to hold at ungodly hours

Philippine church bells toll on Holy Wednesday against COVID-19

President Rodrigo Duterte, who claimed not to adhere to any organized religion, said God is ‘the only one who can really solve the problem for us’

Pandemic nudges Philippines nearer edge of economic abyss

Duterte tells business sector: ‘You really should help the govt and our country. Because if this govt goes down, you all go down, too.’

Amid lockdown, Philippines’ Duterte falls back on kill threats

Supplies are low, Duterte grudgingly admitted, because the govt did not expect the contagion to spread so fast

Misplaced priorities spark protests by hungry poor

Casual laborers and day workers who eke out a living on the streets of Manilla are badly affected by govt’s quarantine orders

Philippine govt, rebels declare truce amid COVID-19

While the declared three-week truce by the two sides is too short, the opportunity to pursue a durable and lasting peace remains

Emergency powers won’t help Duterte’s govt fight coronavirus

Many of the problems cited to justify the new emergency powers actually stem from the president’s initial reluctance to prepare for a public health crisis

Philippines’ Duterte declares ‘National Week of Prayer’

President recognizes the 'vital role of faith in bringing about peace, solidarity, compassion, and heroism in times of adversity'

Philippine ceasefire with Reds welcome amid coronavirus

The Catholic Church and faith-based groups have been consistent in their stance that the two sides should resume formal peace talks

‘Lies, all lies’: Filipino bishops blast Duterte over Cardinal Tagle claims

Church leaders described the Philippine president's statement as 'irresponsible' and 'ludicrous'

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