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Duterte threatens those who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine with jail

Duterte's remarks contradict those of his health officials who have said that while people are urged to receive the vaccine, it was voluntary

Health officials warn people in Eastern Visayas against ‘fleeting joy’ amid...

On June 20, the region saw an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases at 712, the highest since the pandemic started in 2020

Bishop Alminaza of San Carlos diocese tested positive of COVID-19

The 61-year-old prelate said he submitted himself for treatment and was placed under quarantine

Brazil passes half a million COVID-19 deaths, experts warn of worse...

Brazil has registered 500,800 deaths from 17,883,750 confirmed COVID-19 cases

Delta COVID variant becoming globally dominant, WHO official says

The Delta variant of COVID-19, first identified in India, is becoming the globally dominant variant of the disease

Philippines prolongs COVID-19 curbs in capital, more areas under strict quarantine

More areas are placed under tighter quarantine measures because of rising infections and high hospital occupancy

Church concert blamed for rise in COVID-19 cases in central Philippine...

On June 14, the Philippines recorded 6,426 new COVID-19 cases while 7,145 were reported to have recovered from the disease

Philippines to give vaccinated elderly more freedom to encourage inoculation

Seniors living in areas under looser quarantine restrictions will be allowed to go out from Wednesday

Public celebrations of Holy Mass, religious gatherings suspended in Batanes, Iloilo

On June 10, the Philippines recorded 7,485 more COVID-19 cases, the highest so far in the month of June

Taxi for hire! Bangkok cabbie hopes to capitalize on his COVID-19...

Only 2.7 million Thais have received a first vaccine dose and the government has been scrambling to source more

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