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Philippine ‘community pantries’ distribute copies of Bible

“The Word of God is the food for the spirit, just as bread is food for the body,” said Bishop Arturo Bastes

In search of ‘communist’ pantries

It is futile to search for “communist” pantries .... If it is “terrorists” that we fear, then it is wiser to fear the “terrorist” in us

Philippine Catholic lay council backs setting up of more ‘community pantries’

LAIKO said the movement to help people who are most in need “is unprecedented and unequaled during this crucial time of the pandemic”

‘It’s not about me,’ says the girl who started the Philippines’...

“The narrative that we must tell is the narrative of the people who choose to give ... and the story of the poor who struggle to stay alive"

Community Pantry: Pwera Usog Laging Busog

Pwera usog lang pero aminin man natin o hindi, marami ang nabusog sa tila kabuteng pagsulpot ng mga community pantry


The Maginhawa community pantry is a good news, a Gospel lesson on GOOD SHEPHERDING

It’s time we say ‘No!”

Our sure defiance lies in acknowledging that Filipinos have never been anything but a warm and hospitable people and generous to a fault

Philippine Catholic bishops laud community initiatives to help poor

Bishop Valles called on parishes and religious communities to carry on their charitable works “even if we are all suffering”

Caritas Philippines calls on churches to open aid stations to augment...

Social action centers are encouraged to open, or re-active Caritas’ “Kindness Stations” that were set up last year

Philippine churches back community initiatives to feed needy during pandemic

Church groups say the community initiatives are “exemplars of Jesus Christ’s admonition to love our neighbor”

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