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‘Now or never’ to avoid climate catastrophe, warns UN

That daunting task is still — only just — possible, but current policies are leading the planet towards catastrophic temperature rises

Oxfam calls for renewable energy shift in Philippines following new climate...

From 1970 to 2019, 75% of deaths caused by weather, climate and water hazards in the Southwest Pacific region were from the Philippines

Beyond show-and-tell: making art sustainable

Creative education and awareness-raising are important to address climate change and environmental issues

The ‘new normal’ is no different from the old one

In many ways, our society has adjusted to the so-called “new normal.” The question is, “How did the new normal make our lives better?"

Mas malala ang krisis sa klima kumpara sa COVID-19 sa ating...

Ang ulat ng IPCC ay panawagan sa atin upang imulat ang mga mata at makitang hindi na dapat nating naisin ang normal na ating kinalakihan

Greenpeace Philippines renews call for urgent climate action

The latest IPCC report is “the most comprehensive assessment to date” regarding climate impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability

From bad to worse: key IPCC findings on climate impacts

Severe climate impacts -- once seen as a problem on the horizon -- have become a here-and-now reality

Nations to review harrowing catalogue of climate impacts

Nearly 200 nations kick off a virtual UN meeting to finalize what is sure to be a harrowing catalogue of climate change impacts

CBCP Pastoral Statement on Ecology: ‘A call for unity and action...

Philippine Church leaders reaffirm their commitment “to lead by example” in promoting the use of renewable energy

‘We have nothing left’: Typhoon survivors appeal for help

At least 98 people lost their lives in the province of Bohol while another 16 were still missing

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