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‘Opening the windows of the Church’: Vatican II on the Church...

Critical engagement with the world means detecting where God is working in our workplaces and being critical with the ambivalent forces in it

‘It is time that the poor be given back their voice’...

The pope underlined the importance of encountering the poor face to face and learning from their witness to hope

Philippine bishop appeals order to kick out Dutch missionary

De Vries, a 62-year-old Church worker from The Netherlands, has been ordered out of the country for joining anti-government demonstrations

Philippine gov’t kicks out Dutch Catholic missionary for ‘illegal political activities’

Otto Rudolf De Vries, a 62-year-old Church worker from The Netherlands, has been ordered out of the country for joining demonstrations

Pope wants Church to tend to ‘peripheries,’ says new Filipino cardinal

Cardinal-designate Jose Advincula of Capiz said the pope wants to show that people in far-flung places “are being attended to by the Church”

AMRSP statement on the occasion of its General Assembly

'We consecrated persons promise to help build a synodal Church, a Church that listens and walks with the least, the last and the lost'

Philippine religious orders reaffirm commitment to be with ‘least, last, lost’

The Association of Major Religious Superiors in the Philippines said many of its members chose to go “beyond our walls” and to be with people

The challenge to be ‘Church’

When the Church starts to think of itself as exclusive for the sinless, and not a corrective institution for the sinful, then we are “killing Jesus”

Social action amid the coronavirus threat

Part of the mission of the Church continues to be the promotion of integral development — working for justice, peace and the integrity of creation

Pope warns church institutions against self-absorption, elitism

He cautioned against elitist feelings among those who are part of organized church institutions whose main goal at times is to promote their own ‘oligarchic privileges’

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