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IN PHOTOS: Filipino Catholics honor ‘our persecuted brothers and sisters’ on...

Approximately 250 million Christians worldwide live in environments where they face violent persecution, discrimination, or restrictions

Gospel non-violence

These prophetic lives, these non-violent resilient “doves”, pose a threat to the powerful “wolves” by their mere survival and existence

Jesus who dwells in our hearts

We are to become like Christ. Thus, how we live our Christian life is actually a response to the question, “Who do you say that I am?”

The Living Bread

Unfortunately for the less discerning, God has an ambiguous existence, and for others, has no existence at all

Pope Francis: ‘Every Christian is called to the witness of life’

Pope Francis highlights a Christian’s obligation to be a positive witness of the faith in both life and death

The right path

In providing us with the capacities to know and to act in the right path ... God is thus the vindication of our sacrifice

Pope Francis: ‘The true Christian is one who receives Jesus within’

“The true Catholic, the true Christian is one who receives Jesus within, which changes your heart,” Pope Francis said

Christians now a minority in England and Wales

"This census result should be a wake-up call which prompts fresh reconsiderations of the role of religion in society"


Transformed Christians are persistently striving for social peace

On two realizations

Our Lord the Christ is underscoring for us that one cannot become a genuine follower “if he doesn’t give up everything he has.”

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