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Pope Francis: ‘The true Christian is one who receives Jesus within’

“The true Catholic, the true Christian is one who receives Jesus within, which changes your heart,” Pope Francis said

Christians now a minority in England and Wales

"This census result should be a wake-up call which prompts fresh reconsiderations of the role of religion in society"


Transformed Christians are persistently striving for social peace

On two realizations

Our Lord the Christ is underscoring for us that one cannot become a genuine follower “if he doesn’t give up everything he has.”

Sino ang Kristiyano?

Pero bakit naman napakalupit ni Jesus? Why does he ask for all? Jesus can demand all because he himself has given his all.

A sign of contradiction

Ang pagpapatahimik sa Salita ng Diyos ay nangyayari nga sa ating panahon ngayon

Pope Francis: Complaining that the world is evil is ‘not Christian’

Pope Francis spoke about contemporary challenges to the faith, including the concept of secularization

Pope Francis: ‘The Lord is not looking for perfect Christians’

Pope Francis spoke in strong terms against an attitude of righteousness and self-assurance

Video: Can we really respect each other’s opinions?

Can we really respect each other’s opinions even if they don’t align with our beliefs as Christians?

Hope in Christ, Pope Francis urges religious education conference

"If you are a Christian, you are Church; the Church is outgoing, not inward-looking, and you must reach the existential peripheries"

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