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Photos: Philippines’ Feast of Christ the King in the ‘new normal’

Instead of a religious procession around communities, a motorcade is held to mark the Solemnity of the Feast of Christ the King

Bishop Pablo Virgilio David on Christ the King: ‘Interior castle’

The Kingdom of God drives people crazy because, while Jesus says it is not “of this world,” they know it operates “in this world”

How the feast of Christ the King came about

While the concept of Jesus Christ being King is as old as the Gospels, the feast is fairly recent in the Roman Catholic calendar

Reflection for the Feast of Christ the King: ‘Our Lord forever’

He is the Flow of all nature, in which we should allow ourselves to be drawn into, immersed and carried with

Beauty of our choices depends on love, pope says

On Feast of Christ the King, Pope Francis reminds faithful to make right choices

Photos: Filipinos observe ‘Solemnity of Christ the King’ during pandemic

Filipino Catholics mark "Christ the King" Sunday with simple processions in communities due to restrictions brought by the pandemic

Watch: An entirely different kind of king

However, Christ’s kingship is totally different. Christ is not sitting on a throne, but hanging on the cross.

Already but not yet

If we can get rid of our tendency to project on God our own delusions of grandeur, only then can we meaningfully proclaim Christ as our King

The servant king

The king must possess a merciful pastor’s heart, a shepherd who truly cares that no one is left behind, and that everyone is taken care of

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