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Philippine bishops question timing of moves to amend 1987 Constitution

The country's Catholic Church leaders said it is not yet time to amend the 1987 Philippine Constitution

Manila bishop calls for ‘transformed leaders,’ not Charter change

"Transformation will not be brought about by any change of the Constitution or by any foreign direct investment,” said Bishop Pabillo

Catholic lay organization calls on Philippine legislators to leave Constitution alone

Legislators supported resolutions giving Congress the flexibility to amend the restrictive economic provisions in the 1987 Constitution

The ‘globalization of compassion’ in the fight against COVID-19

Unless corruption and the pandemic are addressed with sustainable effort, no amount of economic amendments to the Constitution will ensure our survival

Manila bishop warns against renewed push for Charter change in Congress

Speaker Lord Allan Velasco has instructed the House Committee on Constitutional Amendments to open discussions on the Constitution

It’s the hydra of corruption and COVID-19, not the Constitution

The rhetoric that the Constitution stands as inimical and hostile to progress doesn’t hold water

Philippine Catholic church leaders warn against ‘revolutionary government’

Philippine Catholic church leaders said the call for a "revolutionary government" to change the Constitution is “self-serving”

What’s behind Charter change amid the pandemic?

Charter change initiatives since the 1990s have all been shot down in Congress precisely by political families with ulterior motives

Philippine Catholic bishops say no to Charter change

The bishops said legislators should instead focus on uplifting the lives of people caught in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic

Church leaders wary of Charter change initiative amid pandemic

Catholic church leaders said the move to change the 1987 Constitution to effect the shift to a federal system needs to be studied very carefully

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