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Pakistan reverses morality ban on transgender romance movie

Pakistan's information ministry declared the film "repugnant to the norms of decency and morality"

To ban or not to ban books

How we perceive the millennial generation would help us accept that book banning is complex, multilayered and multidimensional

Hong Kong libraries remove books for ‘violating’ national security law

More than 100 titles are believed to have disappeared from Hong Kong's network of public libraries since July 1, 2020

China closes social media account of Church-run Radio Veritas Asia’s Mandarin...

Chinese authorities have been deleting online Christian content in recent weeks for alleged violations of “rules" set by the government

Hong Kong authorities ban books of six authors critical of government

Authorities has ordered library staff to remove copies of nine books by six authors because the titles had to undergo government review

Yes, let’s talk about red-tagging as censorship

Red-baiting or red-tagging is the act of accusing a person or group of persons as communists or its sympathizers

Hong Kong’s new security law inhibits anxious artists

2,000 Hong Kong and international artists and cultural workers said in a statement security law creates a climate of fear and self-censorship

Hong Kong educators call for stop to ‘censorship’ of textbooks

Teachers group accuse city’s Education Bureau of wanting to brainwash students

Online expression results in Vietnamese businessman charged, Facebook group in trouble

Vietnam’s ruling communists control all media and tolerate no dissent

Myanmar charges journalist under terrorism law, blocks news websites

The nation’s army has filed several cases in recent years against reporters and news organizations covering the conflict in Rakhine

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