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Koinonia: Community in a time of crisis

Sharing of goods and good fellowship has enabled Christian communities to support each other and also convince non-Christian neighbors of their goodness

Understanding Catholic social teachings

Although the Gospel may be interpreted in various ways, it has fortunately left us with the flexibility to apply the lessons of Jesus' life to specific contemporary contexts

Christians reach out to Rome’s homeless during coronavirus lockdown

Homeless are most grateful for simply knowing there are still people out there who care

Sisters, nuns, call for day of worldwide solidarity and prayer

March 22 picked as day of ‘lockdown’ prayer for new coronavirus afflicted

Catholics exalted for not going to church amid coronavirus pandemic

Church leaders call on the people to look into the needs of others and the common good

Pope says coronavirus pandemic time to discover ‘new closeness’

Pope calls for rediscovery of 'the concreteness of little things'

Pope Francis offers prayers to lonely elderly

Italy’s high coronavirus death toll can be attributed to the fact that the country has the world’s second-oldest population

At least 10 priests die from coronavirus in Italy

Half-a-dozen deaths registered in an Italian city northeast of Milan

‘Lies, all lies’: Filipino bishops blast Duterte over Cardinal Tagle claims

Church leaders described the Philippine president's statement as 'irresponsible' and 'ludicrous'

Coronavirus leads Church to reach Catholics online

Public Mass has been banned in Italy until April 3 to help stop the spread of new coronavirus

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