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Earth Day 2022: Fisherfolk decry economic impact of black sand mining...

Fisherfolk and anti-mining activists held a protest march in the northern Philippine town of Aparri in Cagayan province on April 22, Earth Day, to...

Fisherfolk in northern Philippines cry foul over ‘attacks’ of foreign vessels

Environmental activists claim that a 'river rehabilitation project' in the northern Philippines is actually a black sand mining operation

Black sand mining topbills start of synodal process in northern Philippine...

Lay people raised concerns regarding the state of the environment in the province during the consultations

Opposition to black sand mining needs people’s support, says Church official

Father Labiao of Caritas Philippines said civil society groups have a role in educating the public about the impact of black sand mining

Green groups warn against seabed mining project in northern Philippines

At least 78 environmental organizations said the project will “potentially destroy the ecosystems” in the area

Priest worries over ‘strings attached’ in vaccine offer from mining firm...

The mining company MacArthur Iron Sand Project Corp. plans to donate money to help the local government purchase COVID-19 vaccines

Despite criticisms, poor villagers in central Philippines pin hope on mining

Up to 300 villagers were hired as laborers, timekeepers, and kitchen staff, earning a minimum salary of about US$7 per day

Catholic priest in Leyte town appeals for stop to black sand...

To drum up the campaign against black sand mining, the priest of McArthur in Leyte led a motorcade around town

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